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The Dynamic Executive
WebCam Coaching

Before we engage in WebCam Coaching, I prefer to work with you in person so I can get to know you and get a sense of who you are, what makes you unique, and how you carry yourself. I also think it makes it easier for you to experience in-person the Physical techniques that will make your work come alive with connected energy.

I incorporate an integrative, full body approach that takes into account the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of presentation. Some techniques are just easier to convey in person. You will also get a sense of who I am and how I teach, and it will make it easier for you to invest yourself completely in the process when I am not in the room with you.

After that, distance and time constraints may dictate that WebCam Coaching is necessary. As long as you have Skype and a WebCam or Facetime and Internet access, I can work with you from anywhere in the world! This can come in handy when you are on-location or have a last minute opportunity to present your information.  You can have a private, face-to-face video and audio session with personalized coaching.

Below is a step by step approach on how to get started with WebCam coaching through Actor's Craft.

1. Schedule a Webcam Lesson with Maureen at 262/705-0194 or email At that time we can make arrangements to email scripts necessary for our session. WebCam sessions must be paid in advance.

2. Install a WebCam (if you don't already have one set up). Many computers have them built in. You can use your iPad with Facetime, but make sure you can stand it up and be hands-free.

3. Install Skype and email us your username/email and phone number. Skype and Facetime are free download services.*

4. Make sure your computer and camera are set up in a room with good light and room for you to move. Make sure the camera is positioned high enough to take you in if you are standing. Turn off all music, televisions and background distractions. Make sure you are in a room where you feel comfortable speaking in a strong voice and are not worried about people interrupting you.

5. Connect on Skype. At your scheduled time, I will call you at the phone number you provided to us. Then, while you are on the phone, I will initiate our Skype session.

*Practice using Skype or Facetime with your friends or family to get the hang of it. If we have technical issues during our initial Skype session, we can reschedule at no extra charge.

10 Aspects of Executive Presence
by Steve Tobak

Genuine. Open, straightforward, comfortable in your skin; no BS or sugarcoating.
Passion. You love and feel strongly about what you do and how you do it.
Clarity. Communicate thoughts, feelings, and insights in crystal clarity and simplicity.
Intelligence. No way around this one, and yes, it shows through.
Insight. Ability to boil complex factors and mounds of data down to rare conclusions.
Determination. Driven and full of purpose, determined to achieve and succeed.
Confidence. Not overconfident, but with enough self-doubt to be objective.
Humility. Willingness to admit mistakes, misjudgment, fear, and uncertainty is endearing.
Courage. Willingness to take risks and take a position against considerable odds.
Humor. Not over-the-top, but in the right measure, brings down other's defenses.

Keep in mind; nobody possesses all of these qualities in abundance. For example, lots of successful CEOs with strong presence lack one or more of the likeability factors like humor and humility. Larry Ellison and a few others you wouldn't know come to mind. But if you've got 7 or 8 of them, you're probably in pretty good shape.

Recommended Reading: 

Executive Presence 
by Harrison Monarth
360 Degrees of Influence 
by Harrison Monarth
Colleen Kappeler has a BA in Writing from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an MA in Writing and Literature from the Union Institute and University. She has spent the past fifteen years as a freelance writer, becoming nationally published in magazines and anthologies; teaching writing classes both independently and through Universities and colleges; and freelance editing, helping authors turn their manuscripts into books for publication.  With Actor's Craft Executive Storytelling, Colleen teaches business professionals how to compose compelling stories that persuade and inspire.
Corporate Storytellers are more engaging, memorable, and concise. This new type of brand journalism is making a huge difference in the salability of companies and products. Corporate storytelling is an essential new leadership skill that can be used in training, development, and succession planning. Storytelling allows employees to share a story about a business challenge, success or experience while imparting the values of the storyteller. Storytelling is different from a lecture or presentation; it is presented in simple, conversational style – it is a personal delivery of a case study and is a persuasive way to engage consumers, stockholders, and business professionals. Storytelling is “where the rubber meets the road.” This is how managers engage employees and employees engage consumers. This is how consumers and investors are engaged and motivated to give their allegiance and money to a company. By learning how to paint themselves into the picture, everyone from executives to line-level employees get motivated and begin to get consumers to paint themselves into the same picture. In business, you are either selling a customer on why they’re buying or they are selling you on why they aren’t. And storytelling, the personal and persuasive art, is how you sell.

Corporate Storytelling
 "Having never taken acting classes before and being somewhat skeptical of the value-add for acting skills in the business world, I came away from Maureen's training with techniques that I could action immediately in my everyday work, whether interacting with colleagues or presenting to senior-level decision makers. You learn by doing and Maureen makes the process enjoyable. I highly recommend her work." 
​Thomas Fiser, SC Johnson
Actor’s Craft owner and director, Maureen Cashin Bolog, introduces The Dynamic Executive program which helps executives compete successfully by improving upon their presentation skills and their connection to their audience. The same techniques that help actors find the power to portray confident, effective executives can help real-world executives project themselves with poise and personal power to achieve their objectives. Bolog takes her training and years of work experience in the acting field and creates a model that will help executives triumph over adversity through emotional connection with the audience, dynamic physical and vocal presence, and relationship driven presentations. This is not passive workshop; participants will be on their feet, actively engaged in the process. Through The Dynamic Executive program, your company can see exciting results that will motivate employees at all levels.

The Dynamic Executive was created especially for Executives and other Professionals who need to present material to others. 

1. Business meetings with employees, associates and customers
2. Sales Meetings
3. Employee events and celebrations
4. Conventions
5. Public Speaking Events
6. Video conferencing
7. Website videos
8. Corporate Videos
9. Industrial Films

Corporations, groups and individuals can contact Actor's Craft to discuss how The Dynamic Executive can help achieve your goals.

Call 262-705-0194
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
“Maureen is an experienced acting coach that leverages creative methods to help others build executive presence and presentation skills capabilities.” 

Mike Murphy
N.A. Director of Demand and Supply Planning at S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
"Maureen has been an invaluable asset in helping me develop a dynamic presentation style. Her skilled techniques and supportive teaching and coaching style increased my confidence and improved my public speaking abilities."

Norman Schwartz, MD

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
"It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Maureen and the results exceeded my expectations. She offers a great variety of techniques and expert guidance in a fun environment to help her clients in the business world refine their delivery of a well-crafted, relevant and impactful message. I highly recommend her class."

Alexandrina Marz
Demand Planning Group Leader
S.C. Johnson
As written about in Fox Business News
From Drama Room to Boardroom