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Zaire Adams has been cast as "Young Simba" in Disney's THE LION KING in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay from March-Dec 31, 2011. Zaire is currently working with Debbie Allen, Tena Clark and William F. Brown in soon to be Broadway show "TWIST." Thank You for your support and the classes you had with Zaire. We are excited and grateful. Will keep you updated.

Vince Adams (Zaire)

I was thinking of you yesterday as I worked with Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio on the new film. J Edgar. I played the role of Officer Jones, an interrogation officer during the questioning of Bruno Hauptmann. I wanted to thank you for your passion and the time I was able to spend with you, as Actor’s Craft is where it all began.

God bless,

Aaron Farb

Hi Maureen. 
I'm thankful and excited to say I'm writing you from the set of NBC's Grimm. As I was checking email before my next scene, I saw a note from your studio. While reading it, I was encouraged and challenged by your words, "Am I delivering lines with expression or am I bringing a character to life in a believable way?"  What a wonderful gem!

I hope you are doing wonderful. Perhaps this summer I can come by the studio as it looks like I may be through the area while promoting a new film that I'm in, playing Orville Wright. Another fun project and update is that I just finished a role on the a new Harrison Ford film 42, which we filmed in Chattanooga last week.

I thank you and send my best. 
God bless. 

My daughter, Evelyn Alumbreros, has studied with Maureen Cashin Bolog at Actor’s Craft since 2010. Because of Maureen’s caring, attentive teaching coupled with proven technique, Evelyn has impressed acting specialists including agents, managers and casting directors in both Chicago and Los Angeles. She has filmed independent movies, one of which has toured several film festivals around the U.S., a commercial, starred in plays and secured top notch representation. I believe that talent is not enough; great teaching and guidance is necessary to be competitive. You get that – and more – at Actor’s Craft! Many times we’ve been asked, “Who is her teacher?” We are proud to say that in Southeastern WI, we have a gem: Actor’s Craft!

- Ami Bouterse, Proud Mom

Hi Maureen,
Denzell (Armon) is a phenomenal kid who is destined for a successful acting career, and I plan to  keep the opportunities coming in for him.He looks great and is so natural. Thank you for the excellent coaching that you do with him.

Kindest Regards,
Susan A. Sherman
Ambassador Talent Agents, Inc.
Chicago, IL 

Actor's Craft rates high on my list as an acting school that provides excellent training. Whatever training my clients need can and has been fulfilled by Maureen at Actor's Craft. I have several Wisconsin clients that have received auditions for LA projects. Actor's Craft has always helped clients with preparing for those auditions, including taping the audition and sending it to LA. Feedback from my clients is always positive. If you are thinking about acting, contact Maureen at Actor's Craft.

Gary Callahan, Manager/Agent
DC Talent, 
Chicago/Milwaukee, New York & Los Angeles

I won a $10,000 talent based scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. It was based on my monologues that I did in my competition and my callback. If I hadn't worked with Maureen Cashin Bolog on those pieces I'm most certain that I wouldn't have gotten the scholarship or the callback .

Daniel A. Brown

Actor’s Craft has been an excellent instructional resource and a springboard to genuine, professional acting opportunities for our son Joseph (10), who has been involved with the various program offerings for a couple of years now. Maureen’s experience, knowledge, instruction, and networking base has equipped us to step to the next level. Over the past 6 months, Joseph has been selected to audition for 5 films ranging from local projects in the Chicago market as well as 2 major film projects in LA. He has landed and shot one of them all ready, and is 2nd in line for a lead role in a major Disney film scheduled to shoot later this year. I highly recommend Actor’s Craft to anyone that is serious about pursuing acting, whether for professional opportunities or leisure!”

Todd Stanich

Good news to share, I booked a feature film which is shooting in WA state in several weeks. I have several pages with Ray Liotta. Also in the project is Ving Rhames and Christian Slayter.

Aaron Farb

“I took my first acting class a year ago. However, it was not until eight months later when I began taking acting classes with Maureen that I actually began to book paying acting work. In fact, just recently I was cast in a Leinenkugel’s beer commercial. Not only was I able to incorporate all the techniques that Maureen had taught me up to that point, but she also helped me to prepare for the commercial itself. For example, while waiting on set to tape I applied one of the exercises Maureen had used in class, which was to interact with as many objects in the scene as possible. As I did this I found myself using a log as a balance beam, which the directors of the shoot liked so much that they grabbed the camera and started shooting even though this had not been a part of the original script. Also, due to Maureen’s help in getting ready for this commercial I felt well prepared and understood all that was being asked of me on set. I am so grateful to have found an acting coach that cares and pushes her students to grow as an actor as much as Maureen does. I am excited to see what other opportunities will come about and I know that by continuing my education under Maureen’s guidance at Actor’s Craft I will have the skills needed to succeed in any acting prospect that comes my way.” 

Corinne Nowicki 

Hey! Just want to let you know Paris got a call back from the commercial audition she did after your private session with her. It really helped her improvise right on the spot. Especially not knowing exactly what they wanted & what to prep for.

Maria Bless Berelc

"I have taken many university drama courses and have worked with a variety of directors. Working with Maureen at Actor's Craft, however, has taught me more about character development and acting technique than all my previous experiences combined. Maureen has experience and training beyond merely reading about techniques, she has taken the time and made the effort to actually work with the acknowledged masters in today's world of acting. Whether you're looking to develop skills for film or stage, I highly recommend Actor's Craft. Why drive to Chicago when you can study with a Master in the friendly confines of Kenosha?"

Greg Carpenter 

Thank you! You are so incredible. I appreciate all the coaching and help. I will visualize, visualize, visualize and WIN my scenes.

Jamie Rauth

Maureen, I GOT THE PART! I'm the mom, M'Lynn! Found out today about 6 pm! I'm overwhelmed, anxious, excited, nervous, surprised, happy and so very THANKFUL FOR ALL YOUR HELP! He told me my audition blew him away! Can you believe it! I changed their minds! Whoopee!!!

Kim Emer

Maureen was very thorough in her training of The Chubbuck Technique. Also her level of excitement and enthusiasm for the process really motivated me to push myself further into the reality of my own life to make the reality of my character come to life! I was so excited about what I learned in her class I immediately starting using it with all my roles. The knowledge I gained from having Maureen guide us through the technique was invaluable and has truly made me a better actor!  

Gwendolyn Graves

I wanted to say how much I appreciate classes I’ve taken with you. Things are really starting to hit off, which is exciting. I will definitely keep you in the loop. I am the feature male in a music video for a rock band in Chicago and they actually auditioned Christina and we had good chemistry, so were both going to be features in it. It should be a great time.

Brian David Estel

This was a shortest audition and quickest casting I ever had. Half an hour later, I was accepted on the spot. The director said, "I love your energy!!! It's so alive!!!." Your workshop, The Physical Actor, paid off. Thanks :)

Brian Barbour

Thank you so much for the your kind words...It was such a great experience and I am very excited for it to do the film festival circuit...(Honey was my first short that I wrote/produced)... California has been wonderful and I still have yet to find a teacher out here I enjoyed as much as you. 

Ali Bunting

Hey Maureen... Just want to say thanks for all your help. Paris finished filming her short film a few weeks ago & it went very well. You definitely made her acting skills a lot stronger & bring out the characters she's trying to portray. Her agents definitely have seen such a big difference in her performance.

Maria Bless Berelc

Hi Maureen!  This is Rebecca. I'm the actor from Vegas that sat in on your class a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to email you because I really enjoyed your class.  When I come back to Kenosha in the summer, I plan on taking a class again. Thank you so much for letting me take the class while I was in town.  I learned a lot in short amount of time and I can't wait to work with you again.

Rebecca Kernes

I SOOOO loved our work together. It felt so good to feel confident with my character. You are the best...and I want to be my best.

Kim Emer

Hi Maureen. How are you doing? Just had an audition for a commercial on Thursday. I used everything you taught me from class, and I must say I did good. Thanks, you are a wonderful teacher and actress.

Kristie Portman

Hey Maureen, I actually had two auditions today... And they both went great! The first audition was with the monologue. They said they should have a role for me, and the assistant director also commented he had side projects he would contact me about. After the audition, I heard the assistant director say, "that was a really good monologue." And the director replied with, "He did a great job." The second audition I read sides, and then delivered my monologue. The director told me I was perfect for a role and that I would hear from her very soon. Thank you once again Maureen for all of your help!! 
(Later that day . . .)
Thank you! I was just offered the lead role of a feature film! 

Johnathon Krautkramer

"Working with Maureen was a fantastic experience! I learned so much from her -- much more than I learned from anywhere else. Even though I've been an actor most of my life, taking her "Acting Techniques for Adults" course taught me how to act "for real." Maureen is a true professional and it's incredible how much she invests in her students. She genuinely cares about each and every student of hers and finds a way to help them perform to the best of their capabilities. It's great to have professional coaching locally, without having to move to L.A. or New York."

Brett Houdek

​A 1000 "Thank You's" Maureen! Just got home from the Inventing Karma table read and they LOVED what I brought for Emmett the attorney; especially the closing argument. I owe this all to your coaching!

Derek L. Cook

Hello Maureen,
Happy Holidays!
Thank you for all the great self tapes you have 
been doing for Denzell, and for the great referrals.
We are so happy for Kaeden for Chicago Med and we look forward to seeing his episode.  All the Best for the Holidays and for continued success in 2016!
Kind Regards,

Susan Sherman, 
Ambassador Talent Agents, Inc.

The Dynamic Executive Testimonials:

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“Having never taken acting classes before and being somewhat skeptical of the value-add for acting skills in the business world, I came away from Maureen's training with techniques that I could action immediately in my everyday work, whether interacting with colleagues or presenting to senior-level decision makers. You learn by doing and Maureen makes the process enjoyable. I highly recommend her work.”

Thomas Fiser, SC Johnson
Director, Transportation, Logistics and Trade Compliance, North America

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
“Maureen is an experienced acting coach that leverages creative methods to help others build executive presence and presentation skills capabilities.” 

Mike Murphy
N.A. Director of Demand and Supply Planning at S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

"Maureen has been an invaluable asset in helping me develop a dynamic presentation style. Her skilled techniques and supportive teaching and coaching style increased my confidence and improved my public speaking abilities."

Norman Schwartz, MD

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Maureen and the results exceeded my expectations. She offers a great variety of techniques and expert guidance in a fun environment to help her clients in the business world refine their delivery of a well-crafted, relevant and impactful message. I highly recommend her class.

Alexandrina Marz
Demand Planning Group Leader at S.C. Johnson