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Cast Members of Neil Simon's  London Suite
Actor’s Craft presents Neil Simon’s London Suite, four short plays in one hotel suite.  America's premier comic playwright Neil Simon finds humor and poignancy in how absurdly we all lead our lives. Simon crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious comedies set in a deluxe London hotel, a sedate place until these characters check in. Audiences can expect to laugh at the comedy, enjoy the farce, be moved by the romance, and sympathize with the conflicts.

In "Settling Accounts," a distraught writer Brian confronts his accountant Billy at gunpoint when he discovers his once sizable bank account is at zero and Billy has a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. Billy’s attempts to explain himself become more and more far-fetched.

"Going Home" relates the adventures of an American widow delighted with shopping expeditions and her bookworm married daughter who reconnect on a trip abroad. Lauren insists her mom go on a date their last night in London with a wealthy Scotsman whose personal quirks make for a colorful evening. 

In "Diana and Sidney," famous talk show host Diana, with the support of her capable assistant Grace, reunites with her bisexual ex-husband Sidney who asks for money for his partner who is quite ill with cancer. Their reunion stirs up old feelings in this poignant and humorous story about commitment and love. 

"The Man on the Floor" is a quintessential Neil Simon farce. Mark and Annie Ferris fly to London to see the Wimbledon match, but they have lost their tickets. A frantic search for the ticket ensues and Mark’s back goes out. However, he and his wife are asked to move to another room because they have accidentally taken the preferred suite of Kevin Costner, with whom Hotel Manager Mrs. Sitgood is quite smitten. An ambitious bell boy and incompetent doctor make matters even more complicated. 

"Makes laughter easy!"-The New York Times
At an early age, Sean Casey (Bellhop) asked his parents to build a telephone booth on the back deck of their home. Why you ask? Sean wanted to act out Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Thank goodness for refrigerator appliance boxes. If memory serves correctly he also built a stage to act out Back to the Future with his entire class. Ever since then he has been an aspiring actor. His love of acting turned Sean into a savant of film and stage productions.

He began studying with Actor's Craft in 2008. He has been in The Ant and the Grasshopper and Annie at The Rhode Center for the Arts. Sean will be debuting in his first film, Man of Steel in June as an extra.

Good luck in all of your acting adventures Sean!
Brian Barbour (Dr. McMerlin) has lived in Kenosha since 1997 with his amazing and supportive wife, Wanda, who homeschools. They have five children and one grandson. His family is active in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and church activities. Brian served ten years as a senior officer in Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary. When not acting, he likes to jog, spend time with family and teach martial arts. 

Brian started studying acting six years ago with the best Acting Coach in the Great Lakes Area, Maureen Cashin Bolog of Actor’s Craft in Kenosha. He also studied martial arts and stunts for five years with a six-degree head instructor and stuntwoman, Debbie Kahana also in Kenosha. He has B.B.A. in Business Computer from Western Michigan University. Brian has programmed, analyzed and supported computer software since 1980 – working in Detroit, Columbus, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Brian is hearing-impaired since birth and wears hearing aids. He has overcome obstacles throughout his lifetime in school and work to show he can function successfully in a hearing world. Last summer, Brian was fitted with better hearing aids to help with diction as a final frontier.  

He has wanted to be an actor since watching The Vikings.  Brian has faced many challenges as a hearing-impaired actor by working hard, taking risks, and making hard choices A favorite memory is when his hearing aid stopped working in the middle of a play and he successfully improvised to catch other cues to finish the show. For the past five years, Brian has acted in theater productions with Lakeside Players, and particularly enjoyed being the Crooked Man in Rudolph the P*ssed Off Reindeer. Recently, Rex Sikes directed him in the independent film Serum.  

Brian has garnered praise for his work as a talented physical actor, but roles typically have included limited dialogue. With London Suite, and the benefits of his new hearing aids, Brian is looking forward to demonstrating his ability to handle larger speaking parts. He enjoys the humor of Man on the Floor and playing the role of Dr. McMerlin. He loves the individualize training he received at Actor’s Craft. He never wants to stop learning and always wants to do more.  

Justin Abrams (Director's Assistant, Lights, Sound & Set) of Lindenhurst, Illinois, has enjoyed acting his whole life. He could watch movies all day. He also aspires to do improv and be a comedian. Justin finds humorous ways each evening to regale his grandmother at the dinner table with tales about his workday.  Like Neil Simon, Justin believes in humor to get people through difficult days and enjoys making others laugh and smile.

Justin is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing sports as well as watching them. His day job is very physical, so he has no need to work out at the gym to keep in great shape.  

Justin took the 10-week Acting Technique course at Actor’s Craft this past spring. He appreciates that the class was small enough to give him plenty of one-on-one time to build his skill level. He learned the value of triumphing over adversity in acting and how perceived imperfections in a actor’s life can actually help him create authentic, driven characters who make dynamic choices. He enjoyed being challenged as an actor to do things he has not done before and expand his talents.

Running lights and sound is also a new experience for Justin. He understands the value of being well-rounded in the entertainment business and appreciates this opportunity to learn new skills. London Suite is a great script by Neil Simon and he is looking forward to making it shine.  

Settling Accounts
Going Home
Man on the Floor
Diana & Sidney
When you say, “Been everywhere, done everything,” you may be, in a small way, talking about Dave Tarzon (Writer Brian Cronin). Now a resident of Kenosha by way of, most recently, Chicago, Dave has lived and worked in several cities throughout the U.S.

As a young man, Dave took up acting as a way to face his shyness. By the time he was in his mid-thirties, Dave had entertained over three million people. In other words, he got over it. Having studied with some of the most respected Improv and Acting teachers in the country, he found himself in complete control of himself in front larger and larger audiences – even performing in Las Vegas.

After training with The Second City Chicago, he moved on to produce his own show for nearly a decade until becoming the director of the main floor stage at Excalibur Chicago. He has produced, directed and played in many many shows at Donny’s Skybox Theatre at The Second City Chicago; appeared in several regional and national television commercials, most notably Sears and American Family Insurance; and performed in several independent films.

Currently, Dave works as the Production Manager for  – The World’s Largest Kids’ Art Museum – maintaining and developing a unique business model that supports and contributes to children’s arts education.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, dancing and just plain being with his wife, Carol, and their two kids, Lucas and Lily.

In Neil Simon’s London Suite, Dave is excited to be back at it. Under the tutelage of Maureen Cashin Bolog of Actor’s Craft in Kenosha, he embraces his sarcastic roots while playing the role of Brian Cronin, a writer who has been swindled by his long time friend and accountant, Billy Fox.
Michael Jenkins (Mark Ferris) is thrilled to be back on stage after a several year hiatus from acting and took the time to answer some questions about himself and his life on and off stage.  

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in upstate New York. I went to Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) for my BA and came to Madison in the 90s for my M.S. degree. I've lived in Wisconsin ever since (currently in Franksville, which is near Racine).

How did you get into acting?
My wife. She dragged me to an audition several years ago. I got a part and went with it.

Why did you stop acting?
I took a few years off from acting in order to earn my Ph. D. in Leadership, Learning, and Service in Higher Education from Cardinal Stritch University. It's been a goal of mine to get a Ph. D. since I was a child (that's probably the definition of a nerd).

So should we call you Dr. Jenkins?
No. Please don't.

What got you back into acting?
My wife (see a pattern?) and Maureen. My wife joined the cast of London Suite and Maureen mentioned she needed some help backstage. It just snowballed from there. It's been a lot of fun.

What do you enjoy most about your role in London Suite?
Aside from my role (and the play as a whole) being really funny, I get to spend most of my time lying down while on stage. Nothing like being able to lie down on the job and get away with it.

What can you tell me about Actors Craft?
This is my first time working with Actors Craft, but I've seen them in action before and I'm impressed with the work Maureen does in molding actors. I really appreciate the perspective she brings to the play and acting in general. Thanks to Maureen for everything she did for this play and for working with me on this role.

Anything else you want to add?
I want to thank Ann-Marie Schmid (my wife) for getting me back into acting and playing my wife onstage. It's always fun acting with her! 

Mack Heath (Accountant Billy Fox) became interested in film and acting at a very early age. Mack was introduced to the theater movies when he was 4 years old. At the time, there were no electronic babysitters – television, videos and the like available to him. His first theater movie was the original, “100 and 1 Dalmatians.” A year later, having moved from Madison to Milwaukee, his parents took him to see the Cinerama movies in downtown Milwaukee. The size of three large movie screens, the Cinerama screen wrapped around and enveloped you. What an impact that would have made on any five year old watching movies like, “Seven Wonders of the World,” “South Seas Adventure,” “Circus World” and “How The West Was Won.”

Mack is the co-owner of the Clay Banks Candle Company in Door County. His fragrant candles are available in select shops throughout the peninsula. Mack also likes to perform as a Vegas-style singer and entertainer. Backed by an 18-piece big band, Mack performed the songs of Sinatra, Darin, Martin, Bublé and others at nearly all major venues in Southeast Wisconsin including Summerfest, Festa Italiana, RiverSplash and New Year’s Eves at the Hyatt, Wyndham, and Pfister Hotels.

Mack’s association with Actor’s Craft has benefitted his performances both on stage and film. The Chubbuck Technique from which it draws offers tools to the actor which allows for a complete immersion into role, scene and objectives of the actors, play and playwright. Settling Accounts, the first of the four short plays in Neil Simon’s, London Suite, offers a dramatic sparing worthy of a prize fight – and is by far, Billy Fox is one of Mack Heath’s favorite roles. 
Viki DuMez (Mrs. Sitgood) has been performing since she was a child.  She started with "shows" for her sister and brother. Her mother played show tunes and Frank Sinatra on the phonograph, and Viki used to listen to "The Sound of Music," "The King and I," and Disney music for hours on end as a child. Viki graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and did her graduate work at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She married Bob DuMez in 1984. Together they have raised four wonderful children.

When Actor’s Craft opened its doors in Kenosha in June 2005, Viki was the first adult student. What she likes best about Actors Craft is that the 12 steps set out by Ivana Chubbuck in her book can be applied not only to a play or a role, but to many other situations in life. Viki often shares bits and pieces of Chubbuck's Technique wisdom with her children. 

One of her lifelong passions is musical theater. She has been involved in local community theater in Kenosha and Racine for years.  Viki has also performed many historical characters, such as Amelia Earhart, Harriet Head Yule, Mary Baird Bryan and Eleanor Roosevelt, and comediennes including Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller. She is a founding member of the WGTD 91.1 Radio Players and has directed several episodes.  

Viki works as a crossing guard and at Heim's Downtown Toy Store.  She also sings in a madrigal choir, but by far Viki's favorite role is "Mom" to her children.
Since 2005, Brent Caputo (Stage Manager) has been a fixture of Midwest cinema, much as how the likes of Michael Wincott and Clint Eastwood began. He has been a regular on ER, Prison Break and started his extra career in Couple's Retreat. In 2009, he portrayed Charlie Gavin in Red and Jake Meiser in Thinking Speed. He has also been selected for leads in the works of the up-and-coming Wisconsin film scene. 

Whether requested or discovered, Caputo's craft supplies dedication and subdued illusion to film, theater, television and web productions. Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Caputo is similar to the philosopher Immanuel Kant, in that he has immersed himself in the projects which visit or are written near his hometown. Similar to the worldly German thinker, he has learned a great deal about people and the characteristics which make them steadfast actors without having to learn those lessons abroad. 

Even when accepting a role in distant locales, he has taken time to sit down and interview with Kenosha's various press outlets. Bearing a striking resemblance to Denis Leary, possessing multiple talents as does the Rescue Me actor - stunts, for example - Caputo is a favorite among the Chicago casting circuit. He has been called one of the most prepared and studious actors by writers and directors.
Megan Baumann (Lauren - Week 2) has lived in Hartford, Wisconsin, her entire life.  She resides there with her husband and very active three year old son. She is currently a store manager at a bridal store.  She has a passion for interior design, which oftens gets her into a lot of trouble around the house.  Megan has always wanted to try acting, and after a little soul searching she decided to take the leap and sign up for classes with Actors Craft.  Maureen Cashin Bolog has taught her that it is important to do your script analysis homework with your character, otherwise your performance is empty.  Megan is so excited to perform in her first play, and is looking forward to the heartwarming and playful connection she has in her act with her "stage" mom" Kelly Paquette.

Kelly Paquette (Mrs. Semple) comes to Kenosha from just south of the border in Lake County, Illinois by way of a ten year interim stop in Charlotte, NC. She has been dabbling in the performing arts since she was a child. Singing became her love at the tender age of five when her grandfather taught her to sing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. Kelly would sit behind the bus driver on her way to and from school singing that song and every Christmas Carol she knew. Joe, the bus driver, loved her anyway.

Her first play was The Sound of Music in which she had a small role. It was her dream to become a singer. That is how she met her husband, Marsh Paquette. Marsh performed around Kenosha at many of the old haunts of the past with a Kenosha favorite, Paul Rushing. Eventually, Kelly and Marsh opened a club in Charlotte, NC where they performed live Country and Country Rock music for a decade. 

Kelly began taking acting lessons from acting coach, Maureen Cashin Bolog of Actor’s Craft in 2008. It has been a hobby for her and a way to get out, since her profession as a Certified Project Manager is performed from her home. After losing her husband to cancer, Kelly decided to put herself back out in front of an audience. She took the part of Lucinda, one of the step-sisters, in a locally written version of Cinderella, performed at the Rhode. This will be her second play as an adult actor and she is excited to be directed by her talented acting 
coach, Maureen Cashin Bolog. 

Kelly hopes those who come to see “London Suite” will enjoy her performance.

Ever since she was a little girl Hannah Balk (Lauren - Week 1) always loved acting.  She would put on shows for her family and sing and dance all day long. She grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and loved when her family would take her to see plays at The Rhode wishing that she herself could one day be on that stage. Along with acting she also grew up with a flair for fashion and style. Which now makes sense that she is a Barber and Cosmetologist, always spending her days making everyone look beautiful.

Hannah is very excited about London Suite and loves working with the fellow actors who are in the show. Its very funny and you will laugh till you cry.
Sarah Walters (Grace) became affiliated with Actors Craft in Spring 2012, where she was first introduced to the work of Neil Simon. It was in the Acting Technique class that Sarah discovered The Chubbuck Technique and chose to apply those tools in a monologue from London Suite. The adoration for the playful characters and witty humor was catching, and ultimately inspired Maureen Cashin Bolog to direct the full theater production of the play. Sarah is excited to be performing the role of Grace in her theater debut at the Rhode Theater!  

Off stage, Sarah best identifies herself through her vocation. She is a full-time residential real estate agent with RE/MAX, as well as the owner of La Terraza, Paint your own Pottery Studio. She enjoys being very busy and believes in perpetual self-improvement and education. She carries four professional certifications, and recently earned an MBA from Mount Mary College. In her free time Sarah enjoys participating in Kettlebell workouts, and is a regular contributor to Children’s Miracle Network, the Elmbrook Humane Society and the Wildlife In Need Center. 

Sarah travels from the Town of Erin Wisconsin to be part of the production. She feels that the long drive is well worth the experience. Acting and performing on stage is not a typical day at the office for Sarah. It has been a fun and interesting challenge for her to step out of her comfort zone and on to the big stage.

Kim Emer (Diana - Week 2) lives in Kenosha with her husband, Pete. Kim's passion for performing began in 8th Grade Choir with the Hallelujah Chorus, moving onto high school musicals, Jazzercise instructor for 17 invigorating years, and finally discovering Maureen Cashin Bolog at Actor's Craft where she learned to keep her own voice while bringing to life characters like Diana in “London Suite”. 

Diana never stopped loving her ex-husband. “At your own funeral, Sid, I'd be wondering if you liked the black mourning dress I was wearing, even as they were cremating your ashes”. When Kim is not acting, she loves to work out, dance and Dragon Boat race.

Mona Lewis’ (Diana - Week 1) true interest in performing live theater began when she was Mona Goss from Chicago in a pair of shiny white go-go boots. She wore them for a cameo role in Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam” at Racine Theatre Guild. Forty-seven roles later, throughout Southeastern Wisconsin theaters, she still feels that same magic of live theater… telling delicious, funny, unsettling, poignant stories in the dark to audiences. When she is not performing, you can find her in audiences everywhere enjoying the stories others tell. You can also find Mona learning and creating in new ways away from the theater. Currently Zumba, wine classes, and card-making are filling her calendar.

Mona grew up in Chicago and was an educator in Racine, with most of her professional years spent at the Fine Arts School where she taught academics and creative dramatics. Mona lives with husband, Tom, and goddess cat, LuLu. Daughter Meredith Lewis is a local family law attorney.  Mona traveled to Poland in 1976 with other Wisconsin educators to study as part of a Fulbright-Hays Grant.  Mona also traveled to England and Austria with Racine Theatre Guild to perform in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”.

Mona’s new association with Actor’s Craft and Maureen Bolog has given her the opportunity to work with The Ivana Chubbuck Technique. The experience of using tools to dig deep as a performer and work openly and honestly with the objectives of the scenes, characters and the playwright’s intent has been challenging and rewarding. Diana and Sidney, one of the four plays in Neil Simon’s “London Suite” offers a funny, bittersweet look at the relationship of these two characters who first surfaced in Simon’s ”California Suite”. They are now divorced, seeing each other for the first time in many years. It reminds us all again of the power love has to hurt and to heal. Diana is a strong but vulnerable character---the delicious kind of role Mona Lewis loves. 

When asked to be a part of the Actor’s Craft production of London Suite, Jim Rasmussen (Sidney - Week 1) jumped at the chance -- for many reasons. “First, it’s Neil Simon,” he says, “truly an American institution -- one with a keen insight into the human condition. He can make an audience laugh -- or cry -- at the drop of a hat. That’s pretty special.”

Second, he says, was the opportunity to work with director (and Actor’s Craft founder) Maureen Bolog.

“I met Maureen two years ago,” Jim says, “and was immediately inspired by her contagious enthusiasm, her wonderful sense of humor, and her incredible passion for the theatre. Having this chance to share in her vision of the show is totally rewarding.”

The show also reunites Jim with Mona Lewis, a fellow Racinian with whom Jim has worked at the Racine Theatre Guild. “We’ve always had a good time together,” he says, “and this show is no exception!”

Arriving in Kenosha twelve years ago, as a Louisiana transplant, Greg Carpenter (Sidney - Week 2) soon experienced two things, namely, what the term ‘winter storm warning’ meant, and the Rhode Theater. As foreboding as snow measured in feet can be to a Southerner, on one end of the spectrum, entering the warm confines of a theater for an actor can be as welcoming on the other.  Although Greg had certainly never experienced snow spelled with a capital SNOW, it was a re-entry into theater for him when he auditioned for “Out of Order” at the Rhode. 

Prior to moving to Kenosha, Greg performed in several plays at Southeastern Louisiana University, and with Columbia Players, in Hammond, Louisiana. After moving to Kenosha he performed in the aforementioned “Out of Order”, as well as “Sylvia”, and “Antigone” at the Rhode. Two years ago, as Long John Silver, he peg-legged his way across the boards in Racine Theater Guild’s production of “Treasure Island”. 

Somewhere between “Sylvia” and “Antigone” Greg became a student at Actor’s Craft in Kenosha, under the guidance of Maureen Bolog. As he soon found out, acting is hard work, and as is always the case, one needs the right tools for the job. Actor’s Craft is the right toolbox for those serious about acting.
Married, with children both genetic and step, Greg lives in Kenosha with his wife Jo Ann, Jayne the dog, Domino the python, and one small fish who has yet to divulge his/her name. 

Ann-Marie Schmid (Annie Ferris) has loved the theatre since her first professional production as an 8 year old. A veterinarian by trade, she spent time with Sony Studios as the personal veterinarian for dogs Buck and Lucky of Married With Children fame and has provided trained animals for independent theatrical and video productions.  

She is the owner of Dr. Schmid's Mobile Veterinary Practice and is also a partner at Cream City Kitty Clinic, a feline-exclusive hospital. Currently she is working on a masters degree in veterinary forensic medicine, which she plans to use in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to help combat animal abuse. 

 In her nonexistant spare time, Ann-Marie enjoys building airtime on her private pilot license and is working towards her instrument rating. She is also an ASE certified automotive technician, autocrosser, rallye and stunt driver as well as a frothing-at-the-mouth Jeff Gordon fan. A true fan-girl, Ann-Marie built and owns a working replica of KITT, the talking Trans Am from the TV show Knight Rider. 

She is looking forward to playing opposite her husband Mike Jenkins and 'legally' being able to throw things at him in the role of 'Annie'! Ann-Marie has followed Actor's Craft for many years and continues to be impressed with the support and promotion that owner Maureen Cashin Bolog provides to her students both past and present.

London Suite marks the first fully-staged play for Actor’s Craft, although Maureen Cashin Bolog directed theater for years in Chicago. She became involved with The Rhode years ago when Kenosha News wrote an article that Lakeside Players were considering closing its doors. Wanting to keep the beautiful historical arts center open, Maureen introduced herself to Judy Rossow and, through Actor’s Craft, produced a half-dozen successful Nights of Comedy and Improv as fundraisers. Subsequently, she relocated her acting studio to The Rhode in the loft of the Pollard Gallery.

After coaching actors at Actor’s Craft in Kenosha since June 2005, Maureen Cashin Bolog was repeatedly asked by her adult students to direct a play, but family commitments took precedence. Maureen was introduced to London Suite last year when her Acting Technique student Sarah Walters chose the character of Diana to explore script analysis and character development. The four acts of Neil Simon’s London Suite, with its four different casts of characters, lent itself to offering each actor a decent role to explore in creating this full length production filled with humor and conflict.

Cast members in London Suite were challenged to approach their roles utilizing techniques used by professional actors. New cast members to Actor’s Craft have discovered how The Chubbuck Technique and body movement strategies from The Physical Actor can bring more dynamic depth to performance. None had ever been directed this way before. Maureen is excited to be part of the professional growth of this cast throughout the rehearsal period.  

Rebecca Hayes (Spotlight, Lights, Sound):   I was born in Tokyo, Japan to parents in the Air Force; and I’ve moved around since I could barely stand. After my father retired in 2007, my family permanently settled here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m the middle child of five with three sisters and one brother.

Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed the big lights and dramatics in life. My parents are quite fond of musicals, so I grew up watching plays made into movies like Oklahoma. I started playing the violin in 4th grade, but then dropped it for the piano and guitar in 7th. Around that same time, I started becoming involved in the theatre program and spotted for Aladdin Jr. at Washington Middle School. I didn’t try performing until 9th grade, when I played in Aladdin Jr. again but this time for Bradford High. The next year, I performed in Phantom of the Opera at Indian Trail.

I plan to be in the thespian crew this fall for my senior year, and perform in at least one more high school play. Maureen Cashin Bolog is a friend of my parents and when she heard of my love for the theatre, she offered me this opportunity to be part of this Actor’s Craft production. London Suite is the first play I’ve crewed for outside of school programs. 
Photos are by Bill Siel from The Kenosha News and were included in the May 31st Get Out Guide with their Story about London Suite.
Jack Bolog (Spotlight - Week 2) was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in Kenosha. Some of his favorite hobbies are Pokemon, hanging out with friends, and playing basketball. Jack likes to travel and visit family. He has been to San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado, Utah, Michigan and Ireland. He returned this past week from a school trip to Washington, DC.

Jack has studied acting with his mother at Actor’s Craft since she started the business in 2005. He thinks his mom is a nice person who gets things done. Actor’s Craft has helped Jack become more social and has strengthened his school presentations. He has been in several plays: Billy Goats Gruff and Hansel and Gretel at The Rhode; Fame, JR, at KUSD; Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss ‘n Boots, The Magic Boots, and Snow White through the summer acting camp at Actor’s Craft.

Jack is running Spotlight for London Suite for the last week-end. He enjoys Neil Simon’s humor and the casts’ performance. He thinks audiences will enjoy London Suite immensely.
First Show of Actor's Craft Theater Company - May 31 - June 9, 2013.  

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Brigitta Richter was painting Kenosha while London Suite was playing.  Of course, I had to buy this painting! I love it!